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From the very inception of DIPSER College of Education from the year 2004, the institution has been running under several meticulous personalities. Which has been well proved through its activities and performance of its students. It can be well – witnessed by these under mentioned points respectively.

The student –teachers of DIPSER have already displayed their excelled performance in their academic area by achieving distinction marks in M.Ed. by 4 students, 115 out of 200 in B.Ed. and 48 out of 50 in D.El.Ed. 2016-18 session.

But bracketing the achievement of DIPSER only upto academic field will not be justified. The running philosophy of education emphasizes on over all development. Which is definitely proved by the precise, meticulous and excellent performance in myriad fields like..

One student teacher od D.El.Ed. 1 st , in 2017, Ms. Shreya Thakur, won the 1 st prize in essay competition on national level.

Not only students but faculties and staff members of DIPSER never turns their back in social activities. Like participation in health check-up camp and blood donation under the name of the birth anniversary of Guru Maharaj, Aacharya Soumendra Nath Brahamchari the founder of this institution.

Apart from all these the student teachers of DIPSER moved in to sports with very high esteem. Among several college of the S.K.M University, our college bagged 2 nd prize in Volleyball. This proves real psycho-sematic development of our student

At university level on the occasion of 150 th birthday anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi one cultural programme has been organized with the performance of our student teachers in "Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat" Programme.

One special programme conducted by our student under shadow drama section. Which was destined to create innovation in drama and bagged 1st prize at University level.

Stretching the serial of such achievement on 02.11.18 the DIPSER college has organized and participated one prograamme on the topic – “Eradication of Corruption” instructed by Govt. of India. Which remained highly successful.



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