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    Co-curricular Activities

Art & Craft
Art and Craft is an inseparable part of any education system. The Art and Craft department of this institute spreads its aesthetic flavour and facilitates teaching in every way. This department energises the student-teachers to utilise their knowledge of art and craft in preparing their teaching aids. The department organises an annual Art and Craft Exhibition too.
Physical Education
Student – teachers of this institute are provided physical education on a compulsory basis. They engage in indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess etc. They are trained in Yoga with effective care, Besides this some important and popular games like Kabadi, Kho-Kho are taught during the academic session. Organising the Annual Sports Day is the core – part of this department.

Music & dance
DIPSER Collage of Education believes that an alround and effective teacher would be able to prepare ideal citizens for the future. Keeping this view in mind, this collage has developed its, Music & Dance department, which guides the student – teachers how to sing and dance in the teaching – learning processes. This department plays a vital role in the cultural activities of the college and tries to uphold the rich cultural heritage of Jharkhand

Literacy Activities
The teacher should express her views clearly in an effective and a dignified manner. Keeping this view in mind, the college has prepared a platform and a message board, so that every student teacher can get an opportunity to express her own views in a constructive way. The regular activities under this area are Debate, Elocution, Extempore, Eassy – writing, Drama, Quiz, Recitation, Magazine (Wall Magazine “Diwali”, Annual Magazine – “Dev Vanee”, Research Magazine – “Devalok”). The college arranges and organizes competitions to encourage the student – teachers in improving their ways of expressions

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