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Message from the Founder Chairman and the present Head of DSSP Society.

Mother is the first teacher in the life of every child in the world over. The first lesson she teaches her first child is to address her as Ma, Mom, Mummy, Amma, Ami and the like. This she does with a lot of care and ‘pyar' I.e. love.

Mother Nature has bestowed women with the mother instinct. So, DIPSER College of Education has chosen women as the focus to produce good teaches who will be able to transform the society, may be slowly but surely

Located in the state of Jharkhand, which probably has the maximum percentage of illiterate women, the choice of target group of DIPSER College of Education is socially relevant.

May the Divine Mother manifest in the hearts of all the students-Teachers of the institute and may Dev Sangha Institute of Professional Studies & Educational Research (DIPSER) emerge as the Centre of Excellence for Education and Teacher Education in Eastern India soon.

Shrimat Saumyendra Nath Brahmachary ,
B.C.Roy Gold Medalist,                                    
as the Best All – Rounder Graduate
of IIT, Kharagpur (1968).



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