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Founded in 2001 by Shrimat Saumendra Nath Brahmachari Ji, Our revered Guru Maharah Ji, DIPSER College of Education today boasts of a spacious campus, state -of - the art infrastructure and qualified teachers. The College has modern facilities, making it an excellent institute for learning. The primary stress is on achieving academic excellence.

Besides encouraging educational achievements, our institution also lays emphasis on fostering self-confidence and inculcating the right values, so that our students can develop as competent and responsible teachers.
From seminars to debates to cultural events, there is a continual buzz around DIPSER. The college also stands for a high sense of values.

The faculty members continually follow the development and performance of each student in class and mid-term examinations. We proudly claim the fact that we were the first in Jharkhand to start M.Ed. course in 2008.
The role of our college in promoting the cause of school education by imparting effective teacher education in the light of the innovations in this field deserves a special mention.

The college was assessed by National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bangalore (NAAC) in 2007 & 2nd cycle on 2013 with 2.66 CGIA. "The Peer Team was impressed by the notable progress of the institute". Process for 3rd cycle is going on. The college is also recognized by UGC in the year 2009.
As Principal, I invite all students of DIPSER to Communicate with me and share problems/issues with me directly or through the co-ordinators of each department. Together, let us share our ideas, dreams and vision to make the learning process even more exiting experience.

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